Bonneville Streamliner # 667

‘Firecracker’ G/FS

“G” Engine Class is 1500cc to 2000cc

“Fuel Class” allows any fuel(s) you wish including: Nitrous Oxide, Nitromethane, Gasoline, Methanol, Ethanol, Hydrazine, NitroPropane, Toluene, etc.

“Streamliner Class” --This class is for the all-out Landspeed Record Car. Cars in this class shall have at least four wheels, but they need not be arranged in a rectangular configuration. The design of the body is restricted only to the extent that at least two wheels shall be covered (from the SCTA Rulebook).

Drivetrain: Two Suzuki GSXR 1000 cc Motorcycle Engines and Transmissions. Shifted by a Dual Air Shifter System. Stock Suzuki Engine Computer management. Stock Suzuki Instrument Clusters in the cockpit. Chain drive with adjustable chain tension.

Chassis & Suspension: 1-5/8” .120 wall Rollcage Tubing. Trailing Swingarm Suspensions (3) with custom rate coil springs over modified Honda 750 shock absorbers. Jr. Dragster Steering Rack and Pinion rides on Front Swing Arm. Front Swing Arm lateral movement controlled by a Watts Link. Collapsible steering shaft segments for driver safety. M&H Frontrunner Funny Car tires. 1979 Oldsmobile Toronado front drive hubs, wheel bearings and CV joints.

Body: Hand laid fiberglass composite construction. Custom molded, highly refined shape optimized for Minimum Aerodynamic Drag. Weighs about 200 Lbs.

Safety Equipment: Three Separate fire systems. 10 Lbs of pressurized FireFox for the cockpit, & 5 Lbs. of pressurized ColdFire for each engine bay. Driver wears an SFI-15 rated fire suit, Nomex hood, gloves, boots, and a Snell 2005 full face Helmet. Two separate Parachute Braking Systems. Crow brand Seven Point Seat Belt System.
In helmet Driver/Crew Chief two-way radio system. Sealed Firewalls between each engine bay and cockpit.

Data Acquisition System: Edelbrock QwikData 32 Channel System. Recording: 8 Exhaust Gas Temperatures, Ride Height front and rear, Speed, Coolant Temperature, Fuel Pressure, Engine RPM’s, Throttle Position, 2 Accelerometers record “G Load” for both acceleration and cornering, Drive Chain Temperature, and Air Scoop Ram Air Pressures.

Statistics: Weight 2000 Lbs ready to run w/driver. Length 23' Width 32” Height 36”.
Total Engine Displacement 1996 CC. Horsepower @ sea level ~300.
Aerodynamic Coefficient of Drag <.18 Frontal area < 8 Sq.Ft.
Potential Top Speed 300 MPH +

This is a completely homebrewed/homebuilt racer.

Total services purchased during construction were less than $300.00 and included Precision Rollcage Tube Bending By
McNeese’s Racers Supply and having the chassis sandblasted prior to painting.

Firecracker---More Bang for the Buck!!!