My Crew World of Speed September, 2009.
From the left- Brian Reilly, Matt Vesley (crew chief), Colin Vesley, Rudy Notz, Randy Notz, Kristeen Wright (my lovely wife & Co-driver) Me, Taylor Vesley, Ray Burnett.
What a great bunch of guys. Salt, Sun, Friends, this is what Bonneville is all about.

Story of Success and Crash at World of Speed 2007

#667 G/FS Specifications & Details

We ran for crap in 2009. We made three runs, all right at 175 MPH. Here is a look at the Exhaust Gas Temperature Data from the Edelbrock Qwikdata System.
(Click for larger view)

A Sensor (Secondary Throttle Position Sensor) on the rear engine was misinstalled and made that motor behave (under load only) as if the choke was full on.
Note how the rear engine exhaust Gas Temperatures drop from about 1100 degrees F. to 200 degrees F when I leave the push car. Essentially, under load, the rear engine became a wheel driven air pump.

In 2007 Kristeen earned the "Fastest Lady of the Meet" Trophy for her official 219.333 MPH pass.

Kris and Myself (straw hat) awaiting our turn for Tech Inspection 2008.
Kris has gone much faster than I in this liner.