Fast Bike
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This Sculpture, "Fastest Bike" is an impressionist rendition of Joseph S. Wright setting the Ultimate Motorcycle Motorcycle Land Speed Record in 1930.
This sculpture in fully polished Bronze and Stainless Steel is Awarded to the "Fastest Motorcycle of the Meet" at World of Speed held each September at the Bonneville Salt Flats.
The Motorcycle Sculpture is approximately 14" long, and when cast in Bronze & Stainless, weighs approximately 12 pounds

This piece is currently available for purchase .

This piece is investment cast of solid Stainless Steel and Bronze, finished in a contrasting combination of polished and matt.
It is presented on a display quality beveled two tier wooden base with optional Engraved Display Tags.
It is currenty available for purchase.
This piece is cast of quality urethane resin and painted. It offers the same quality sculpture from the same molds as the investment cast pieces at a reduced cost.
This piece is currently available.