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Putting amature racers in contact with volunteer race crew members.
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A free tool for putting amature racers in contact with volunteer race crew members.
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Ever wish you had some help on race day?
Do you have some skills to teach?
Now you can share the Work and the Thrill of racing!

Would you rather watch a race or experience the race?
This is your chance to Experience Racing's
"Ultimate Back Stage Pass"

Use of this registry is FREE for everyone.
And it always will be.

I am an amateur racer (Bonneville & Drags) and I have a crew of friends, I couldn’t do it without their help. Some were friends that began to help me build and race, others were strangers with an interest in cars who became good friends. What came first the chicken or the egg? The friendship or the common interests??
Most of my Crew don’t live in my area, so they can’t help with the day to day work, but in this day and age if the internet, via email and photos I get the benefit of their experience and thinking.
Each year, a bunch of them manage to show up at Bonneville to help me make my runs. That week spent with my crew/friends all struggling together toward Racing Excellence is always something that makes life worth living.
The purpose of the “Skelton Crew Registry” is to let racers find those future friends, and temporary crew members needed to race successfully. The purpose is also to let people interested in racing find an opportunity to help a racer, learn the skills that racing requires and get a taste of the real thing. I can only hope to share the great experience I get from my spending time with my crew of friends.
I have for several years done telephone Technical support for the Utah Salt Flats Racing association. Each year I answer some few hundred phone and email questions about Bonneville Racing . In the course of doing this work, I became aware of two things.
1. Amateur racers need help. Fabricating and maintaining a race car is a surprisingly big job, and running the car at the races is NOT a one man job.
2. There are a lot of people out there not currently involved in racing that would be involved if only they could find a place to start.
It is my hope that this provides a way for Racers and future Crew members to connect.

The one true thing I know is this: I don’t know much.

I welcome your comments and suggestions. Please email us and tell us how this humble beginnings of a connection service can be improved. Tell us what you want and need to find racing opportunities and help, and we will try to figure out a way to make it happen.

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